The Essentials

Color is a pivotal element in creating good design in any discipline. In textiles, leather and hard surface finishes, the right color can make the difference between a product that is successful and one that doesn't achieve it's potential.  Understanding the markets where a color will reside is also critical.   Geographic preferences,  the rate at which different market segments adapt to trends and a thorough knowledge of end-use all become key elements that contribute to the creation of a compelling and successful color.

Single colors are usually presented as part of a greater palette that must be handsome, appealing and logical.  No one color can hold its own if presented in a disorganized jumble of colors. Understanding color relationships and the way different colors effect one another in presentation is important to the overall perception of the final product.

Keeping up with color trends and being able to decipher their significance in various markets is essential.  Recognizing the difference between fad and trend and applying that knowledge to the development of colors will mean the difference between products that achieve success in their market or not.

Kristie Strasen is passionate about color and its effects. She is an active and successful colorist across several disciplines.