Down to the Basics

A great deal can be said about the importance of fiber knowledge in the creation and development of a textile.  Understanding the properties of the different fibers available is essential to the production of a reliable fabric. Understanding the way different fibers behave when combined is equally important. 

When it comes to selecting the right fiber or combination of fibers for a specific fabric, knowing how the fabric will be marketed, promoted and ultimately used is invaluable in making the right fiber decisions. Even though modern finishes can add performance characteristics to many fabrics, the most successful fabrics will be a result of the best fiber choices being made in the beginning.

It is also essential to be able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to fiber lore. There is a certain amount of hype and blatant misinformation generated from one-off anecdotal stories and blogs that have the best of intentions. Being impartial about individual fibers and evaluating according to the facts is the best way to make good fiber decisions.

An understanding of how different fibers play out environmentally is also an important part of the fiber discussion.

Kristie Strasen's educational and practical background provide her with a wealth of fiber knowledge. A thorough understanding of spinning techniques further contribute to a grounded knowledge in how fibers will perform.