Woven Cloth

What Matters

What a fabric is made with and how it is constructed is essential to the way it will look, perform and last. Developing a fabric that has structural integrity without the benefit of backings and topical finishes is a good way to start. The additions of topical finishes are intended as a way to enhance a particular characteristic of the fabric and should not be viewed as a way to hold it together.

Understanding the fundamentals of the woven cloth is critical to creating a fabric that performs as it should in whatever situation it is designed for. Whether created for use in a high-traffic healthcare setting or a luxurious residential sofa, the yarns selected and the weave structure employed are key.

There are no good fibers or bad fibers but the way fibers are combined will contribute to the ultimate success of the woven cloth. Knowing where the fabric will reside is also important.  Will it be in a sunny window or in a 24/7 task environment? These considerations matter. Where the fabric is woven also matters. Who is the best mill with the best capabilities and the best yarn bank to produce the ideal fabric for the desired situation?

Kristie Strasen has designed and developed fabrics for every possible situation and price point. Her extensive knowledge of mill resources, fibers and yarns makes her a leader in the field of woven textiles.  As the founder and former owner of Place Textiles, she also has first hand experience in designing, developing and bringing fabrics of integrity to market.